Barbed Wire

Barbed wire comes in several forms and styles depending on your application.  Originally barbed wire was thought to only be used in applications for cattle and other ag related fencing but todays applications include right of way fencing, security fencing, prison applications and chain link tension wire.  What you need to know is that there are several coating weights of barbed wire and applications accordingly.  Commercial and Class 1 coated barbed wire have only about a 5-10 year red rust life and should not be used on applications of permanent security fence that is expected to last 25 years.  Only Class 3 barbed wire should be used for permanent fencing applications or in security, prison or border applications.  This will allow the barbed wire to last just as long as the chain link and pipe that it accompanies on the job.  In addition, many specifications call from Domestic or Buy American applications, do not all victim to import barbed wire when working on domestic specified jobs.  Both import and domestic barbed wire are readily available in the US, check your specs and allow Eagle Fence Distributing to be your #1 source for barbed wire.


2-Point Barbed Wire

4- Point Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire with Stays

Barbless Cable

Barbless cable or twisted tension wire has been used in certain markets of the fence business for many years.  Standard barbless cable only has a commercial or Class I coating and will rust before the life of the chain link fence.  This product is used mostly in agricultural applications and is available from Eagle Fence Distributing.  Keep in mind when using for chain link tension wire you should ask for Class III material.  Contact our locations for more information and for quotes on your fence needs.