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Wholesale Fence ChicagoWhen it comes to wholesale aluminum fencing there are various reasons why aluminum fencing is advantageous to install around your customers residential and commercial properties. Despite the wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing fencing from wholesale fence distributors, aluminum fencing still ranks high as one of the most desirable types of fencing for properties. The differences between installing wholesale wood fencing, wholesale vinyl fencing and wholesale aluminum fencing is that the aluminum fencing provides you the least maintenance, while adding security and privacy to your property. Listed below are the advantages of purchasing aluminum wholesale fencing from Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC Chicago located in Gurnee, IL.

Install Aluminum Fencing with Straight-forward Installation

Installing aluminum fencing is very simple and straightforward because of the way the fencing is constructed and designed. When purchasing the fencing from a wholesale fence distributor like Eagle Fence Gurnee, IL, it is sectioned and pre-assembled for you. This makes it easier for you to design the fence and place it into any landscape design. Rackable aluminum fence panels are simple to adjust and separate into sections so that they can be place around the property according to the lay of the land.

Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC for Price and Service

If you are a fencing or landscape contractor looking to purchase aluminum fencing, wholesale fence distributors offer the best prices, especially Eagle Fence Gurnee. Purchasing wholesale aluminum fencing through a wholesale fence supplier will get you the best overall prices for the aluminum fencing per panel. Local wholesale distributors can sell aluminum fencing at very competitive prices per panel due to the volume of fencing that’s sold by Eagle Fence your number #1 Wholesale Fence Chicago outlet.

Provides Low Maintenance-Less Call Backs

A great benefit to your clients it that wholesale aluminum fencing requires almost no maintenance at all. The aluminum fence will retain its natural look as if it were always installed the same day that you see it. If you purchase wholesale aluminum fencing, you will never have to worry about cleaning the fence or even painting it. Aluminum fencing is easy to maintain will little to no effort. Wholesale aluminum fencing always gives your property great curb appeal. With a wide variety of aluminum fence designs, it is easy to find the right low maintenance style of aluminum fencing suitable for your property. Search out Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC in Gurnee, IL for all your wholesale fence Chicago needs.

Aluminum is Resilient to Deterioration

Chicago wholesale fence aluminum milwaukee wisconsinWhen purchasing a wholesale aluminum fence, you can look forward to having the fence for a very long time. The aluminum fence will not rust, mildew, rot or corrode. Aluminum provides a natural gleam that will remain on the fence because of its powder coating finish. The finish is smooth and provides a resilient coat keeping the fence from deteriorating under the harshest of Chicago winters and heavy salt spray.

When looking to purchase wholesale aluminum fencing, there are many benefits to purchasing this type of fencing. Aluminum fencing provides your fence client whether residential or commercial with a long lifespan, functional design, a great return on investment and little to no maintenance concerns. Despite the type of property that you are working on, wholesale aluminum fencing is great and advantageous for incorporating it into any landscaping fence design scheme.


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Paul Harrison Gets Elected to American Fence Association Hall of Fame

Pat Moore Owner Southwestern Wire and Paul Harrison Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC

Congratulations to our own Paul Harrison for his induction into the American Fence Association Hall of Fame. After serving many years in the fence business Paul was recognized by his peers for his dedication to the fence industry. Paul has traveled the country and worked for several manufacturers/wholesalers and is currently planning to retire later this year. Paul lives in Cullman, AL with his wife Natalie.

Thank You to All Our Loyal Clients for Many Years of Continued Success

world wide fence distributor

Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC

We want to say thank you for being the best group of clients and fence installers in the industry.  As a management team, we want to introduce you to the newest version of the Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC Website.  We are proud to add many additional resources and tools along with relevant links to many suppliers and supplier tools.  We ask that all of you comb through this wealth of information and make your business more successful and profitable by using the tools we have provided.  As you come across product questions please feel free to use the locations page to email any of our managers for information or to connect with a sales representative who can be matched with your needs.

We look forward to seeing you around our locations and Open House events, stay posted for annual dates on open house events and special training sessions hosted by us and our Vendor Partners.

Best wishes and success,

Keith Ford and Paul Harrison

Relief to Houston after Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston it set a record for the most rainfall dropped by a single storm in the US and also proved to be the costliest storm in our history. Although our distribution branch office was spared from major damage, many of our customers and employee’s families were not so lucky. Many of us donated to the Red Cross or other charitable organizations but, perhaps because of how close and personal this was, we wanted to do more to help out.

As part of a joint effort between Southwestern Wire, Inc. and Eagle Fence Distributing, LLC we packed a truckload of supplies, equipment, food, and cash to send to the EFD Houston location. Thank you to our owners and everyone involved who helped make this happen.